Friday, July 24, 2009

Cumbria - in Scotland or England?

This little piece of history often amuses our guests and might one day be a trivial pursuit question.

Back in 1136 King Stephen of England was forced to cede Cumbria to David 1st of Scotland. However far from heralding an influx of Scots the existing Norman lords were allowed to remain as long as they acknowledged their new over lord.

But all this changed in 1154 when a stronger King sat on the English throne, Henry II, and Scotland was no longer in a strong position under King Malcolm. This led to Cumbria returning to England in 1157.

So you see Cumbria ( or Cumberland as it then was) was the county which moved!



At July 29, 2009 at 11:19 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Antonius Donatus was the first King of Galloway and Cumbria c418. William Shepherd's map of the British Isles c802, shows the joint Kingdom of Strathclyde, Cumbria and Galloway. King Eochaid, c880, made an alliance with King Giric of Scotland. Strathclyde/Cumbria then existed as a sub-kingdom of Scotland. Edmund I of England (939-946) formally ceded Cumbria to King Malcolm l of Scotland. Strathclyde/Cumbria virtually merged with Scotland after 1018. King Malcolm III of Scots had the title Prince of Cumbria in 1034. In 1107, with the death of King Edgar I of Scots, he was succeeded by his younger brothers. Alexander became King of Scots ruling north of the Forth and Clyde and his brother David became Prince of Cumbria ruling the south of the Forth and Clyde, but under Alexander's authority. In 1139 the independence of Scotland was confirmed in the second treaty of Durham, signed by King David I of Scots and King Stephen of England. Under the treaty, Scotland was granted the Earldom of Northumberland, in addition to Cumbria which it already possessed.

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