Monday, August 27, 2012

Water Fools (Fous de Bassin)

Water Fools (Fous de Bassin) an extraordinary show

 Early in August the bay at Keswick came alive! Lakes Alive promoted the production of Water Fools (Fous de Bassin) an extraordinary show on water and part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The story (though a little difficult to follow) was of a man who’s humdrum life was transformed when his head inexplicably burst into flames and then extraordinary things began to unfold.

The crowd all seated on Crow Park, a real natural amphitheatre, enjoyed the performance throughout, as one after another, the props and characters were introduced to the watery stage. Good lighting and a finale firework display all surely made for a great evenings entertainment.
Lakes Alive have promoted many great Events in the region over the last few years visit their website to see future events.

Keswick is also the home of "Theatre by the Lake" Cumbria's leading professional theatre company, which produces a traditional summer seasons of drama, much loved by Keswick's summer audiences, as well as a winter program - there is always something for everyone in Cumbria.

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