Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crosby Ravensworth and the Eden Valley

Crosby Ravensworth lies at the start of the Eden Valley proper. It's a remote village with a small green, stream and its surrounded by lovely limestone fells. There are wonderful views to the west when you climb the hills ( not a difficult walk).

Tourists rarely find there way over here and the most excitement you will see is often the local farmer rounding up his sheep.

However there was once a large hall here...and a murder.Best that we quote directly..

" In 1286 John le Frauncey and Robert de Appleby killed Nicholas de Hastings in the ditch outside the gate of Crosby Ravensworth Hall".
We have no record of what the dispute was or what punishment was meted out to the killers.
But it offers a small glimpse back into a more violent time.

The Hall itself was purchased by Sir John Lowther and repaired by his son in law back in 1682.
Nowadays it is mostly demolished.

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